Issue #84: SponsoredPosted by: Ryan Till Dead

This week we talk about best man duties, get a cabin in the woods, a would you rather, and then we talk about some books. Thanks for listening!

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Issue #83: Game OverPosted by: Ryan Till Dead

This week we talk about love. And comics. And friendship.

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Flashback: Occupy DentistPosted by: Ryan Till Dead

This week because of the holidays we weren't able to record a new issue of TDOC, and instead of putting up nothing we decided to post up a TDOC Flashback for you guys. It's from episode 30 called Occupy Dentist, so hopefully if you haven't heard it, you'll enjoy it. Happy New Year everyone, new episode will be up this Wednesday!

Sorry about the delay and the two missed weeks, just holiday shit so don't stress! I'm not... seriously...

Original Air Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2011

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Issue #82: Small Stacks Big RacksPosted by: Ryan Till Dead

We stumble around a would you rather, talk about some awkward lonely nights and travel to Dimension Z.

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Issue #81: Youth Of YesterdayPosted by: Ryan Till Dead

We have unarchived the livejournals and I can't wait to get into some of these entries with a bunch of anonymous listeners and a few close friends. This is going to be interesting... enjoy. And comics! Some good ones this week. Mood: Apathetic.

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Comic Book Fantasy Picks: Week 12/12/2012Posted by: Kyle Overkill

Week 12/12/2012

Another week, more books. All cast members are making an effort to trim some fat from the comic pull lists. This is always a difficult thing to do. My new criteria for cutting a book is going to be, when I get home is this a book I have to read with in two days of owning it. There are so many books I like but I just don't have the motivation to do so. These books will be pushed to trade waits. It is like chosing which child you will allow live though(or what I assume that must be like). So here are some of these weeks picks, and if you are like us, maybe some books to drop...


Issue #80: Spelling The StarsPosted by: Ryan Till Dead

So I tell this super embarrassing story from when I was young and in love, then we stumble on our old livejournals... we weren't ready to read them this week, but starting next week we will. Seriously this shit is fucking AWFUL. So much worse than I think we remember it being... so yeah, next week that will start. I'm so scared. Love you all.

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Fantasy Comic Book Picks: Week 12/05/2012Posted by: Kyle Overkill

Week 12/05/2012

Been backed up with end of the semester home work so missed last week. Hopefully it will all smooth out after this week. Hope you guys caught us on Wednesdays now. Glad to be back on and really like the new format. There have been some really solid books recently. I have to saw, outside of Iron Man and maybe Fantastic Four, Marvel Now has been fairly impressive. However, this double and triple shipping is killing the wallet, especially around the holidays. I read that it will eventually stagger back out to once a month but right now i might have to start giving blow jobs to my shop owner to pay for these books.


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We really are looking to get back into putting more site content on. We would like to know what you guys would like to see. I am big into reading reviews but that's not for everyone. So hit us up to let us know what you would like to see on the site and on the cast. Here are the picks for the weeks....


Issue #79: The Strike BackPosted by: Ryan Till Dead

We're back! The full crew, we talk about giving up, striking back and pay our respects to the late Bam Bam.

Thanks so much.

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Comicbook Fantasy Picks: Week 11/21/12Posted by: Kyle Overkill

Week 11/21/2012



Finally settled in the new apartment and finally got internet in here. Missed the past two weeks of post and the cast so glad to be back. Tons of good books this week so should have a lot to talk about. I have really enjoyed Marvel Now except for a few exceptions which you will read about.

We are hoping to do the cast Wednesday's night now so I can make it. My new work schedule conflicts with our normal recording night. This week is Thanksgiving so it may be up during the weekend. Next week though look for it up Wednesday night. I and the TDOC cast wishes you a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving however you may celebrate it. Hopefully it involves siting and reading some good books so lets get to it...